I have searched for this on the web, but I don’t really get any hits, or may be I am trapped in a information bubble. I guess this should work on most Honda’s, I know it works on my CIVIC.

In the OpenWrt/DDWrt world there is something known as a 30-30-30 reset, which is basically you

  1. press the reset button, for 30 seconds when the device is ON, and then with the reset button pressed, power-DOWN the device
  2. Keep the reset button pressed for another 30 seconds when the device is OFF, and when with the reset button still pressed, power-UP the device
  3. Keep the reset button pressed for another 30 seconds after the device is powered-UP, and then leave it.

after you let go off the device, then you can optionally again power cycle it after about 1 minute..

The exact same procedure can be used on the Honda, here the RESET button is the trip-reset button, and the power button is the ignition… so here is the procedure..

  1. Start your car… ignition… (completely), make sure that the maint-reqd light is ON
  2. toggle the trip computer button so that you see the TOTAL MILES, (not trip-A or trip-B in the display)
  3. Once you are sure that the display shows total-miles, then press the trip-button for 30 seconds, (use a wrist watch)
    then once 30 seconds are elapsed turn-OFF the car, with the trip-button still pressed…
  4. With the car turned-OFF, keep the trip-button pressed for another 30 seconds, and then turn the CAR ON again, keeping the trip-meter button still pressed.
  5. Wait another 30 seconds with the car ON, with the trip-meter button still pressed, in this phase sometime the Maint-Reqd light will stop… even if the light goes off, keep the trip-meter button pressed for at least 30 seconds, and then leave it.

Your maintenance reqd light wiil now be OFF. If you maintain your car like me then you would definitely find this procedure useful, to reset the light.

Again, this is only for the “Maintenance Required” light. If you have a Check-Engine light then this may not work. If you want to see what the Check-Engine light is for, then you need the ELM 327 OBDIIBluetooth interface and your Android/iPhone with some app like Torque BHP